Terrea Moore

Recording Secretary
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Terrea Moore, MPA, has served as a member and volunteer of the following: LAABP Masquerade Ball & Fundraiser and participated in numerous Professional Development Training Seminars. Currently she sits on the Executive Board as a Director-at-Large. 

Terrea began her City career September 2014, with Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. She has worked in a number of positions within the Customer Service Division. Currently, Terrea is a Senior Claims Representative for the Department.

Terrea joined the LAABP because she wanted to be around successful people that could help her navigate her career within the City of Los Angeles. She also enjoys service and volunteering. Becoming a member of LAABP allows her to use whatever resources she has available to help others.

To Terrea, the LAABP motto illustrates a sense of family. A place where black employees of the City of Los Angeles have a place where they can gain knowledge and resources to help fulfill their career goals. In addition, the same employees have an organization to turn to when they endure challenges within the City.

Terrea’s personal interests include watching sports, especially her 49ers, spending time with family, and volunteering when I am available.

Contact Terrea at t.moore@laabp.org.