Ian Monteih

Director at Large
Public Works: Bureau of Contracts Administration

Ian Monteilh currently sits on the Executive Board (Board) as one of seven Director-at-Large.  He has been a Board Member since 2019 and a LAABP Member for over 17 years. 

Prior to joining the Board, Ian volunteered to conduct numerous training and development seminars for LAABP members.  As a Board Member, he serves on the LAABP Finance, Membership, Training & Development, and NSBE committees.

Ian has served over 19 years with the City of Los Angeles, starting in December 2002 with the Los Angeles Police Department, as a non-sworn employee.  Currently, he is assigned to the Department of Public Works – Bureau of Contract Administration, as a Compliance Program Manager I, where he has served since October 2016.

Ian joined and has continued to remain actively involved with the organization due to his passion to assist in employee & professional development and mentoring.  He looks forward to continuing the evolution of LAABP’s training programs in 2022 and beyond.

Ian believes the LAABP motto simply means perseverance, progression, and service through unity; and through that united front, all things are possible.

Ian’s personal interests are sports (football, college basketball, boxing, and soccer), employee training & development, good food, movies, shoe shopping, puzzles, driving, table games, and spending time with those most dear to him.  Additionally, as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., he enjoys engaging in fraternal brotherhood activities and community service events.

Contact Ian at i.monteilh@laabp.org.