Brandie Harris

Director at Large
Personnel Department

Brandie N. Harris, MBA was elected as Director-at-Large with LAABP in 2019.  I serve as the Volunteer Coordinator and have served on many committees.  I currently serve on the Training Committee, the Special Events Committee, the Social Media, and the Community Engagement/Social Media Committee.

Brandie has been a public servant with the City of Los Angeles for 7 years.  The Departments I have worked for include Department of Water and Power, Personnel, Controller’s and Economic Workforce and Development, where she serves currently.  Her experience includes the creation of a regression formula to address the historically long wait times in the DWP customer service division; the creation, implementation, and launch of the City’s Cornerstone Training System, that is used by over 45,000 employees; a lead role in the launch of the Targeted Local Hire Program; the completion of the City’s first Succession Plan efforts to address knowledge capture and transfer and; the launch of new programs for youth to use in the Journee of their careers.

Brandie joined LAABP because She wanted to be a part of an organization that has experienced and educated professionals that looked like me.  She wanted to learn from the seasoned individuals of the City while sharing some of my expertise and insight as well.

LAABP’s motto “Together … together”, simply means “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Brandie enjoys being with her family, making a difference in her community and helping others in every way she can.

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